Why Indexed Universal life NEVER Works for Infinite banking
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0:00 – Why IUL is not good for infinite banking concept
0:30 – Indexed Universal life is one of most miss sold products in financial industry
2:10 – Indexed Universal life has a lack of transparency
3:15 – Why whole life needs to be used for infinite banking concept
4:30 – Why we say whole life insurance is the And Asset
6:00 – Indexed Universal life Insurance arbitrage never works like it illustrates
7:05 – Your whole life insurance policy is a banking alternative, NOT an investment
8:00 – If using options worked so well, the insurance company would do more of it
9:10 – Your IUL will never outperform the general fund long term
10:00 – how to tell what the insurance company will move your cap rate to
10:50 – conclusion


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