Whole life Insurance Mechanics from the Perspective of Nelson Nash’s Infinite banking Concept, Part 1: Series Introduction

This is the first of a seven part lecture series that goes deep on the mechanics of dividend-paying whole life insurance designed for Nelson Nash’s Infinite banking Concept.

This lecture series is based on Ryan’s method of teaching about the features of whole life insurance for those who have read Nelson Nash’s book “Becoming Your Own Banker” and who have ‘caught’ his Infinite banking Concept (IBC). The idea is teach you *how* (instead of merely *what*) to think about when buying life insurance in the context of implementing IBC in your own circumstances. It is not intended and will serve poorly as a replacement for reading Nelsons books (some of the vocabulary may not even make sense!).

Instead, this is “my method,” as it were. It’s sort of stuff I take every client through before we ever even get into underwriting in an expanded format.

If you want to go deep on understanding insurance design in the context of IBC, you’ve come to the right place.

Ryan Griggs
Founder | GriggsCapitalStrategies.com
NNI Authorized IBC Practitioner | InfiniteBanking.org/agents/Griggs367


This course is intended for those who have “caught” Nelson Nash’s Infinite banking Concept (IBC). If that doesn’t describe you (yet!), then I’m excited for you! Explore the resources below — especially the first two — for vital, prerequisite education.

Becoming Your Own Banker by R. Nelson Nash

Building Your Warehouse of wealth by R. Nelson Nash

Becoming Your Own Banker Seminar on DVD

banking with life DVD

banking with life Podcast
Available on all your favorite podcast platforms!

***This video is provided for educational purposes only and should not be considered as and, in fact, is not investment, tax, or legal advice. Seek consultation with a competent, licensed professional in these areas before you do anything with your money.***


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