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Why would you want to use a {101} insurance loan instead of paying cash?

After all, it does seem interesting that you would go through the extra step of first starting a {101} insurance policy, building the cash value, taking a policy loan, paying interest to use that loan, and then investing in your preferred asset of choice, maybe its a {6}, maybe its a {18}, but something that youre going to generate a return.

Why is that more advantageous than just paying cash?

I want to remind you that cash and any {92} of capital always has a {90}.

While its easy to see that there might be the {90} of a loan if you take a loan, the {90} of paying cash is that you give up the rate of return that it is already earning, and you cut off the ability to earn compound interest.

Now, that might not seem like a very important thing, but when you look at compound interest over time and the power that it has in your financial {101}, you want to maintain compound interest as long as possible because at the end of that curve is when you get the greatest benefit.

We want to keep our {72} growing with compound interest, and we want to be able to use that {72} somewhere that its going to generate a better external rate of return.

This is exactly why we use cash value {101} insurance and take a policy loan.

Something important to notice about that is that with a {101} insurance policy loan you put your premium into the policy which builds a death benefit and also a cash value which is a portion of the death benefit that you can use.

Now the easiest and best way to utilize that cash value is to take a {101} insurance loan, which is actually a loan from the {101} insurance company putting a lien against your cash value and, yes, you can borrow almost up to 100% of your available cash value.

Now, why is this advantageous? Because, it allows your {72} inside the policy to continue growing and compounding, so you never cut off the compound interest.

You continue earning and having access to that {72}.

You take a loan against the cash value and then when youve used that loan, and youre able to repay it again on your own terms whenever and however you want to pay that back, you then replenish your access to the full cash value.

The interesting thing to note is that, if you do pay cash, then whatever returns you get in that external investment are your full returns.

You are trading the ability to earn compound interest inside of your original account for the outside investment. With {101} insurance, youre not trading anything.

Youre stacking, youre adding on top.

Youre continuing to get that compound interest inside the policy and getting an external return outside the policy.

When we add the two together, youre actually getting a higher return because of using the {101} insurance, even though you are paying interest back for the use of that policy loan.

So why would you do this?

It not only increases your ability to get compound interest, you have more access to capital, you can reuse that capital as soon as you recycle it and pay back that loan, and you have control, and you simply have more options.

You can take a loan from a bank using the {101} insurance cash value as collateral. You can take the policy loan with the {101} insurance company. You could pay using a different {92} of loan, or you could pay cash.

It gives you more options. It also allows you to continue earning compound interest, maintain control, and accelerate your returns, accelerating time and {72} freedom.

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