Who doesn’t want a passive investment? We ALL want to put our money into something and not have to do anything and make a lot of money. Jim Oliver of Create Tailwind shares the secret to generating passive income through Infinite banking.

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Every day, people ask me how to put in the least amount of money with the least amount of time to make the most amount of return.

Jim Oliver is an expert at “infinite banking.” What the heck is infinite banking? This idea of infinite banking is essentially becoming your own bank. After a few conversations with Jim, being a guest on his podcast, and listening to many other episodes on his podcast, Breakaway wealth, I became intrigued with this idea of becoming my own banker. In my conversation with Jim, we cover topics including:

β€’ What is infinite banking is, and how would it benefit somebody?
β€’ How is that bank funded?
β€’ Is there a minimum amount of money that somebody would need to put into this?
β€’ What’s the benefit to cutting out the “middle man”?
β€’ And more!

Visit CreateTailwind.com and check out their free resources on infinite banking. Anyone who mentions Kim Daly will receive a free copy of β€œBecoming Your Own Banker.” It’s the best book on infinite banking! E-mail Jim directly at JimOliver@CreateTailwind.com.

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