What Infinite banking Concept life Insurance Agents Get Wrong
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0:00 – Introduction to Infinite banking Concept – can you pay yourself interest
2:10 – Why paying yourself interest doesn’t work like IBC people say it does
4:45 – The more people participate in IBC, the better it gets
5:28 – Why you need to use a mutual life insurance company
7:08 – Paying yourself more interest in an Infinite banking Concept Policy does not work
9:20 – A different way to look at life insurance policy loans
11:00 – Paying back policy loans can push up your MEC limit on your life insurance policy
12:25 – Detailed policy loan explanation – Why you want to use policy loans in your IBC contract
17:55 – Simple interest paid vs compounding interest earned
19:45 – The biggest problem that Infinite banking Solves
21:15 – Where do you think the world is going?
23:30 – Why whole life insurance and the and asset is the best place for your money NOW
27:00 – Radical Self Accountability
29:00 – Conclusion


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