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Control. Liquidity. Use. Equity— The four words every real estate investor wants to hear.

Discover how the Infinite banking Concept can help you have more control, liquidity, use, and equity in your real estate endeavors now and in the future with real estate Investor and Authorized IBC Practitioner, Kathleen van den Berg.

Kathleen van den Berg MBA, CFP is a real estate investor and Infinite banking Practitioner. Unlike most other financial planners, she includes real estate strategies in clients’ wealth building plans. Kathleen together with her husband own 17 doors, most of which are purpose built legal secondary suites – her specialty.

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:10 – Accumulation Vs. Economic Theory
0:03:05 – What is IBC?
0:04:11 – The And Asset
0:08:06 – Buying real estate with IBC
0:12:59 – Using IBC Today, In Retirement, and at Death
0:16:25 – Summary


IBCanada Group is not a company. We are a group of collaborating financial advisors. We are joined together by our knowledge and shared resources that we use to help our clients with tax-efficient strategies to make their money grow.

We are authorized Infinite banking practitioners and we work to pass our knowledge on to each of our clients to ensure they can attain their financial goals. Each of our advisors are dedicated to making sure you get the best options for wealth creation available, strategizing and working to get the best results possible for every client we work with.

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Infinite banking Canada Group (IBCG) is an association of independent Infinite banking Concept (IBC) practitioners who have been accredited by the Nelson Nash Institute. IBCG cannot be responsible for the actions of its members. The opinions expressed in this material are not necessarily those of IBCG or the opinion of any one member associated with IBCG. The views, actions, and practices of any one IBCG member does not reflect the views, actions, and practices of any other IBCG member, or IBCG as a whole.

All materials provided by Infinite banking Canada Group (IBCG), including but not limited to, videos, graphics, text, images, materials, and other tools and resources, are intended for general information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice, tax advice, or financial advice applicable to your particular situation. Please seek the advice and services of qualified professionals in those areas.

No advisor-client relationship is created unless and until a binding Letter of Engagement has been signed by both you and your licensed insurance advisor. Before taking any action based on this material, consider your personal situation and seek the advice of your team of professionals. Working with an IBC practitioner does not guarantee success or results.

For further information on IBC and how the Infinite banking Concept works within the Canadian income tax act, please discuss with your accountant or visit


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