Do you like finance but are not sure where to begin? This video shares the top 5 finance skills high in demand and the resources to learn them.

To get certified in financial modeling, which is a top finance skill, you can check out the certifications by Financial Modeling Institute.

FMI Foundations is available for $195 USD, but for a limited time, you can get it for just $150 USD, one-time fee. Visit the following link to enroll today

Acquiring these skills in finance will help you get a finance job that is high paying e.g. investment banking, corporate finance, wealth management, equity research, and private equity among others.

Resources mentioned in the video:
⊛ Reading Financial Statements [Video] –
⊛ Reading a Balance Sheet [Video] –
⊛ How Finance Works [Book] –
⊛ FMI Foundations [Certification] –
stock Analysis –
⊛ Industry Analysis –
⊛ Discussion Forum –
Telegram group
⊛ Prof Damodaran Videos [Full] –
⊛ Prof Damodaran Videos [Short] –

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