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<br>The Infinite {30} Concept RevisitedInterview with M.C. Laubscher

Weve covered the Infinite {30} Concept a few times on the show, but our last {84} on this topic sparked a lot of questions and comments. Since Natali and I are just beginning to learn about this strategy, we thought it would be best to bring an expert on the show to address your questions!

In this {84}, M.C. Laubscher joins us to clear the air about the Infinite {30} Concept. M.C. is the Chief {57} Strategist at Valhalla {57}, and host of the podcast Cashflow Ninja. Hes made it his mission to help people safely grow {57}, while control of big banks.

Youll learn about the parallels between {6} investing and investing with {101} insurance. Well talk about the stigma surrounding the Infinite {30} Concept, and how to correctly structure your plan. M.C. is incredibly knowledgeable about this topic, press {103} to learn more about the Infinite {30} Concept!

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