Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor | Retirement Investment Options has 5 uncommon questions you won’t hear elsewhere that will establish your a leader of your wealth.
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Welcome to Retire Certain YouTube. I’m Camille Gaines, AFC. Here I share what I learned from investing for 40 years in traditional investments plus 15 years creating alternative income streams, gradually creating our own alternative retirement plan.
Wondering what your retirement investment options as to who will manage your money? This video has the following questions to ask your financial advisor, financial planner or wealth manager if you already work with a financial adviser or if you’re wondering how to hire a financial advisor:

What’s your secret sauce? (do you invest beyond passive stock and bond asset allocation?)
Based on your recommended investment plan for me, how much money should I have in XX years?
What’s the biggest opportunity you see right now ?
Do you invest in tactical assets like gold or real estate?
What investment books or guru inspired you?
Are you a fiduciary financial advisor?
These financial advisor interview questions will help you make good wealth management choices while putting your in control of your retirement planning.

This channel is about wealth building strategies, income generating assets and investing after 50.
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This is financial education only and is not to be taken as personal financial advice since everyone’s situation is different. Learn personal finance and investing basics so you can embrace and lead your wealth with confidence!

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