There is a story behind why MacDev Financial is an expert and authorized in the Infinite banking Concept that leverages the benefits of participating whole life insurance to help Canadians achieve financial control for life!

It started with us practicing what we preach and using the Infinite banking Concept to turn our financial situation around, grow our successful life insurance business, and create our dream lifestyle. Watch the video to learn how we did it, and then get in touch with us to learn how we can empower and teach you to do the same!

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Stephen is a seasoned value-based Licensed life Insurance Broker and wealth Architect, passionate about self-empowering his clients to achieve financial control for life in their businesses and personal lives by educating and coaching them on key financial principles. He is also regarded as Canada’s #1 expert in the Bank On Yourself®, wealth Factory® and Infinite banking® concepts and engineering multi-figure strategic wealth plans as an accredited advisor in these concepts.

As an experienced speaker and practitioner on the importance of financial autonomy and freedom, Stephen has been featured in local and international Media, including Forbes, US Today, and A&E—amongst others. He has also authored two award-winning, best-selling books, The secret to Lifetime Financial Security and Transform Your life, Business and Health with Brian Tracy. More recently, he partnered with Ambitious TV to launch his own show “Financial Control for life with Stephen Devlin”, a video-format style web series.

Stephen is also President/CFO of MacDev Financial Group, Canada’s premier company using participating whole life insurance and Bank On Whole life™ concepts in the engineering of strategic wealth plans for individuals, families and business owners so they can achieve Financial Control for life™ thereby, creating a legacy for generations.

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