0:00 Advisor Talk Intro
0:42 What A Mailbox Has To Do With Your Financial Practice
1:58 How Your Mailbox Relates to You as a Broker-Dealer
5:40 The Details of Your Practice: Perceptions of Your Financial Practice
9:20 The Home Office Visit Experience: Details for Broker-Dealers
15:08 How to Take Control of the Experience

As the old adages go ‘the devil is in the details and ‘you only get one chance to make a first impression’. Picture your own home and the mailbox outside. It’s a small detail of the landscape and yet the care and condition that speak volumes about the care and condition of your home.

Now flip that script to the office of your financial services firm. If you are a firm actively recruiting advisors, what do the details of your office space say about you, your company, and its values? Will your office environment help you make the first impression that attracts the best and brightest talent available? 

In this episode of Advisor Talk with Frank LaRosa, Elite Consulting Partners Founder & CEO Frank LaRosa discusses the exact details and strategies a firm should focus on in order to create the right impression that ensures success at all levels of a firm’s operations. 

For those advisors and firms looking for assistance on how to put those strategies into action, Frank LaRosa’s company Practice Dynamics can help.

Practice Dynamics makes independence easy by supplying a comprehensive suite of turnkey business solutions and services that are uniquely positioned to address every operational need at substantial cost savings.

Practice Dynamics services include telecommunications, technology, real estate, office design, marketing, accounting, and payroll, among its many offerings.

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