Infinite banking for Canadians | IBC Canada 101
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0:00 – Introduction to Infinite banking for Canadians
2:10 – Infinite banking is Capitalism
6:30 – Invest for cash flow, not accumulation
8:30 – Sequence of return risk
9:40 – Case study for infinite banking
12:30 – Positive money traits of a whole life policy
24:30 – Infinite banking is better for Canada than it is the USA
29:50 – Average rate of return is a lie
35:50 – Financial success starts with financial efficiency

Whole life insurance works a little differently in Canada than it does in the United States.
In this video, Chris and Galen discuss the power of infinite banking for Canadians.


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How to Use Whole life Insurance as an Investment:

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Infinite banking for Canadians | IBC Canada 101


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