How To Use Infinite banking for Business and Personal wealth Building (Case Study)
IBC Webinar – Unlock The Infinite banking Concept®

In this IBC webinar, recorded live, we interview a client who shares his story of how he has used Infinite banking in his personal and professional life.

Dr Erik Nilssen, Orthopaedic Surgeon, decided to use his Whole life Insurance policy to fund his company’s expansion without having to involve any banks. Since learning about the Infinite banking Concept®, Dr Nilssen, has used his Permanent life Insurance as his primary wealth building strategy.

Learn the basics of the Infinite banking Concept as well as how you can become your own banker.

In this webinar we share an IBC example from each of our lives. You’ll also see a real life IBC Case Study of how Dr Nillsen used Infinite banking in his business.

IBC Webinar Panelists:

Barry Page, RFC
Infinite banking Practitioner and Coach

Jerold Wood, CLU, ChFC
Infinite banking Practitioner and Coach

Dr Erik Nilssen
Orthopaedic Surgeon

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