Our second live webinar from Oct. 10. Join us every Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm EST for more intro information on the Infinite banking Concept!

00:27 Intro to Topic (Policy Loans)
01:42 Popular Concept: When You Pay a Loan From an Insurance Policy, You’re Just Paying Yourself Back. Is this correct?
03:27 Infinite banking Won’t Work If This One Thing is Neglected
03:41 How Do You Focus On Cash Value Growth First Instead of Loans?
05:35 Simple Example Explaining Policy Loans
09:22 Comparing it to Real Estate to Eliminate Doubts
12:36 First Step is Take A Policy and Maximize it For Growth
12:54 Second Step is Take a Loan and Repay Only the Interest
14:31 Policy Loan Repayments
16:59 Example: 45 Year Old Male Paying $50k for 10 Years
40:28 Overview of Direct and Non-Direct Recognition
49:32 Question and Answer
01:08 Wrap Up



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