Summary: Becoming your own bank is one of the strategies that the wealthy do.
When you do infinite banking, it leverages the benefits of participating in whole life insurance to help you achieve your net worth and goal as a real estate investor.

It’s time to let go of the middle man (bank) and explore infinite banking to start investing in future deals.
Visit to learn more.

5:26 Traditional Finance & How Banks Profit
8:57 Definition, Goal & Benefits of Infinite banking
22:57 Importance of Policy Design
28:30 Two Main Policy Limits
30:21 Is Whole life a scam?
32:11 How Traditional Whole life Policies are designed?
37:50 How do PUAs maximize cash value?
41:42 How policy loans work?
57:24 Policy Loan Rate

1:00:20 Policy Example
1:20:31 Whole life vs. Term life
1:24:21 Are All Companies the same?
1:26:45 Does age matter when starting Infinite banking?
1:29:17 When to pay taxes?
1:31:05 What happens if the policy holder gets ill?
1:34:50 β€œDouble dip” Plan
1:40:19 Policy Limitations
1:43:20 Case Studies

1:57:24 Why would a commissioned agent design a policy that will
minimize your commission?
1:59:56 What insurance company do you use?
2:00:20 Is there a minimum?
2:02:40 Can this be setup for any relative?
2:04:45 What is the split for the policy?
2:07:14 Advantage of infinite banking for charity

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Website Link: banking-helps-you-as-an-investors/” target=”_blank”>

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