IBC 201: Managing Multiple Whole life Insurance Policies in Your Infinite banking System

Are you planning to add more IBC policies, or already have several?

If you’re already a few years into using the Infinite banking Concept with a whole life insurance policy, you’ve seen and experienced the power of storing cash in a policy. You’re earning interest and dividends, have exceptional compounding power and guaranteed access to use your money, and you’re watching the death benefit increase.

Now you want to store more cash. It’s time to think about how to use all your policies well and maximize their capacity.

Today, we’re continuing the conversation in our series about how to take your Infinite banking to the next level. In the last episodes, we dug into how to maximize your current Infinite banking Policy. Then, we talked about insuring other family members, like spouses, kids, and grandkids. Now, we’ll talk about managing multiple policies.

So if you want to hear about what to do after your whole life insurance policy is already working to continue to grow and accelerate your cash storage and wealth creation … tune in now!

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