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I interviewed Garett Maralit, the Co-founder of The Bright Millenial. He is one of the great influencers who inspired and impacted many people’s lives through his advocacy.

Actually, he is a registered chemical engineer turned financial advisor with his advocacy to educate people on how they can effectively manage their finances, and help them achieve their life goals through proper financial planning.

In this video, he will be sharing his thoughts, ideas, and strategies on how to survive and succeed during this crisis.


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The Bright Millenial (TBM) is a social network brand that promotes financial literacy, especially to young Filipino community. TBM was founded by Garett Maralit and Anne Payuan last August 2017, when they realized that they can leverage the power of social Media to help improve financial education in the country.

TBM shares tips about personal finances mainly through infographics and photo blogs in different online platforms. The Bright Millennial is one of the largest Financial Literacy-themed Facebook pages in the country, reaching and educating millions of Filipinos.


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