Fiduciary Investment Advisor in Jacksonville
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When if comes to your wealthcare, you probably want the most expert advisor you can find. One that truly puts you and your family first, and really knows what they’re doing. Here are some very important reasons why you may prefer Camarda to other advisors. The first is we are true investment fiduciaries, required by law to put your best interests always above ours. We’ve done it that way since way back in 1998. And that’s on all your investments, not just on the retirement accounts that the new commission sales rep limited fiduciary rule would apply to. The second is we have CFA®-grade, in-house portfolio management. The CFA® is universally respected as the global standard for investment expertise. Only a tiny fraction of advisors have CFA® charters, and other designations like CFP® don’t begin to come close to this intense level of investment competence. The third reason is dedication to education and training. In a field as complex as medicine or law, it is surprising that financial advisor licenses can be acquired in just a few weeks, and require no formal education whatsoever. Even designations like CFP® can be obtained with as little as 21 undergraduate credit hours and no required degree in financial planning or a related discipline. In contrast, our firm is led by one of the most highly credentialed advisors in the US, and probably the world. Jeff Camarda has a Master’s in financial planning, a PhD in financial and retirement planning, and is a practicing CFA®. He also is a tax expert and EA, an advanced tax credential entitling full IRS representation of clients. Only EAs, CPAs, and attorneys can do this. Besides these credentials, Dr. Camarda has completed the CFP, ChFC, CLU, CFS and BCM programs, which he considers his basic training before he pursued more advanced programs. While what we say about ourselves is nice, what others say is perhaps more important. Barron’s has repeatedly named Dr. Camarda as one of the best financial advisors in America, one of the best people in the business, a truly great financial advisor in the top 1% who sets the highest standards of the profession. WORTH magazine has named him one of the top 250 advisors in the country, the Wall Street Journal’s repeatedly run features on his advice, and he had earned many other professional and academic national honors and recognition over many years. This focus on advanced financial education and uncommon expertise leads us to the biggest major reason to use Camarda – expert wealth leadership not just on investments, but on the other critical areas connected to it – detailed retirement income modeling, asset protection from financial predators, astute tax reduction planning, advanced estate and trust planning to protect you from probate costs and guardianship risks, planning to protect your childrens’ inheritance from divorce and other threats to the family wealth, and much more. Also unlike most advisors, our clients know exactly how much they pay for advice – and we are very passionate about delivering value far in excess of advisor cost. Finding a legitimate fiduciary investment advisor with CFA training is hard enough. With all the commission and partial fiduciary “advisors” out there with little training beyond basic sales licenses, it can be a needle in a haystack. But finding one that’s a nationally recognized expert in all you probably want and need – tax, estate, asset protection, and so on – can be almost impossible. If this sounds like the kind of advisor you’ve been looking for, we’re looking forward to getting to know you.


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