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<br>Do you ever wonder how your {18} compares to other financial advisors? Watch this short {84} to find out:

The average AUM per advisor
How many clients do financial advisors have on average
How many financial advisors are there in the us
The average age of financial advisors
How much {72} do financial advisors make on average
How much do financial advisors charge in fees on average

Financial services are getting more competitive as baby boomers age out of the industry and are replaced by younger, more {96}-savvy advisors. If your {18} isnt growing as expected, partnering with a {10} firm that can help you compete with younger advisors is key to capturing more AUM and growing your {18}.

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Claire Akin runs Indigo {10} Agency, a {10} firm serving top independent financial advisors. Claire is a former Investment Advisor Representative who holds her MBA in {10} from the Rady School of Management at UC San Diego as well as a BA in Economics from UC Davis. Its her goal to help specialist advisors target their ideal prospects with content {10}.
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