Getting Started with Infinite banking

Have you heard about Infinite banking, but wonder if it would work for you personally?

Infinite banking is a way to Store cash, create reserves you can use for emergencies or opportunities, and build long-term wealth.

How do you know if it’s something that will work for you personally, and how do you get started?

I can think of a million reasons

Infinite banking might not be for you if:
– You don’t have consistent money habits
– Saving each month is a struggle
– You aren’t willing to go through short-term difficulty to build something of long-term benefit

How do you get started?
– If you are someone who is saving consistently, wants a better place to Store cash, and are willing to take one step backwards to gain tremendous leverage
– First, consider how much death benefit you want
– Consider how much cash value you want to build and what you want to use it for

To make any financial moves, you need to understand the purpose of your money.

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