Unless you’re a life insurance expert (or an insurance superfan), you may not be aware of all the benefits a whole life policy can provide. One of the best-kept secrets in real estate is that you can use the funds in your insurance policy to buy investments!

On Monday, June 27th I was joined by Richard Canfield of Ascendant Financial who shared his incredible wealth of information on utilizing life insurance as a savings and asset acquisition tool. I have learned so much in the past few months getting to know Richard and learning about the Infinite banking Concept. You won’t want to miss this one!

Richard Canfield has been passionate about wealth-building from an early age. Even at an early age, Richard was known as “The bank” as he always had cash on hand and would lend it to family members from time to time. He worked tirelessly afternoons and evenings for the family business while maintaining honours grades in high school.

Shortly after his 22nd birthday, he because a Journeyman Electrician and began leading crews of his own. Meanwhile, he began building skills through practical education in real estate investing, having handled the financing and cash flow of multiple properties in his family’s portfolio in addition to his own ventures. All while working full-time as an Electrician.

As a proven entrepreneur and a recognized authority on The Infinite banking Concept in Canada, Richard is filled with the desire to significantly improve many people’s lives. He is an Authorized Infinite banking Practitioner by the Nelson Nash Institute® since the program was launched and is the 11th person to receive this authorization in the world. Richard distinguished himself as one of R. Nelson Nash’s star students.

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