Financial Advisor Training How To Duplicate Your Best Clients Like A Boss so your marketing is easy. Your best clients are the most rewarding so it makes sense to duplicate them doesn’t it?

Advisor marketing doesn’t have to be so difficult or expensive. Using this 3 step formula will help you multiply your best clients to your hearts content.

wealth Specialist John Duncan shares this simple 3 step formula that he uses in his own practice. Most advisors are too lazy to actually do the research he discusses so for those that do, you can have as many or few best clients as you choose.

Research and 3rd Party Proof are what make the presentation to the exact fit best client clone work like gangbusters. To make it even more effective, be sure to ask qualifying questions to determine if your prospect really is the perfect match before showing solution. If they are not, do not show solution.

John Duncan offers elite financial advisor coaching through his online Inner Circle. Its a financial advisor training program that’s for advisors that want to go to the next level. He teaches his original ideas that have helped him go to the very top of the industry without hardly any marketing expense and only high end clients.

Advisor Inner Circle:


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