John Duncan teaches his financial advisor million dollar blueprint in an easy to follow blueprint that any financial advisor can use to get to the million dollar level without crusing profits with high overhead.

Some of the million dollar blueprint highlights are as follows:

1. Determine high profit niche market
2. Find top solutions for niche market
3. Find expert level companion services to serve niche market
4. Become active within the niche market
5. What types of niches to avoid
6. What types are excellent
7. How to do best research on niche

By doing the above, a financial advisor will be well on their way to the million dollar producer level and beyond. Because of their research and niche, costs to expand business will remain low.

John Duncan shares many financial advisor prospecting tips throughout this short but informative video.

The financial advisor training in this video shares financial advisor prospecting ideas, financial advisor marketing ideas, and more.

This video provides investment advisor training by focusing on how to research perfect fit niche market. Financial advisor marketing that’s niche based will dominate and remain super cost efficient.

The best part is that you will become a HUGE Resource for you chosen niche and soon earning a million will turn into earning much more. Financial planner marketing get’s expensive when you try to work with too many niches so pick one or a few only.

John Duncan also provides a complete financial advisor training program through his Inner Circle Elite Advisor Group that helps financial professionals learn leading edge solutions, communications, and financial advisor prospecting ideas that get results with elite clients.

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