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In this episode, Nate delves into the true essence of Infinite banking. Whether you have been practicing IBC for years or just starting to explore the concept, this episode will bring incredible clarity to what “becoming your own banker” can accomplish for you.

Topics Discussed:
– Discover the real meaning and potential of Infinite banking for your financial future
– Learn how the IBC system explores a better alternative to building up, storing, and deploying capital
– What are the benefits of using whole life insurance policies as a financial tool
– Know how Infinite banking can provide you with long-term financial security and peace of mind
– Understand why banks do not use their money
– How banks use BOLI (Bank-owned life insurance) primarily.
– Why do mutual life insurance companies exist
– Uncover the misconceptions surrounding Infinite banking and gain clarity on how it can work for you

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* Gain financial freedom…
* Finally, experience financial independence…
* Learn to use the best investment strategies…
* Use infinite banking to break free from the herd!

About Living wealth:
We teach families and small businesses how to create and transfer wealth by becoming their own bankers through Private Family Financing and Infinite banking.

The Living wealth team works to develop long-term relationships with clients and helps them re-capture the money they are currently losing to other financial institutions. We have seen lives change, and individuals and families become excited about their future instead of worrying about car loans, credit card debt, student loans, and mortgage payments.


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