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<br>Its 2022, are you doubling down on service as a financial advisor

The current market correction being experienced in financial services makes it even more important that financial advisors take the right actions to protectif not growtheir practice. But, what action should an advisor take first?

In this episode, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa and President Dale Dempsey educate their listener on the specifics of why focusing on client service is the key strategy advisors can employ to achieve the greatest positive impact on their practice now, regardless of market fluctuations that may be occurring.

Actionable insights covered include:

why you need a bulletproof client service model.
the statistical analysis that demonstrates how your clients respond to your {18} actions.
which proactive, specific, and measurable client service initiatives achieve the greatest results for a financial advisor.
how communications and infrastructure systems {50} the efficiencies that maximize advisorclient relationships.

Frank and Dale dig deep with their analysis and shine a light on the simple yet immeasurably powerful steps advisors should be taking now to solidify their client relationships.

It is a mustlisten discussion that empowers every advisor with the practical knowledge that can immediately be leveraged in client relationships to add value and foster practice growth.

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