Do you really need a financial advisor? Today I am breaking down why financial advisors have jobs and if you need to hire a financial advisor. This all stemmed from a Twitter post and I thought it would be good for you to learn more. Details below.

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The Details:
In this episode we will cover:
โœ… What is a financial advisor?
โœ… Different types of financial advisors?
โœ… What is a GOOD financial advisor do?
โœ… What is financial planning?
โœ… 10 Questions to ask your financial advisor (See Below).
โœ… When to hire a financial advisor.

If you are considering hiring a financial advisor but don’t know where to start, this episode is perfect for you.

As promised, 10 questions to ask a financial advisor:

How do you get paid?
What type of products do you sell?
What are my costs?
Are you a fiduciary?
How does the relationship work?
What is your investment philosophy?
What types of investments do you use?
Who holds and controls my assets?
Do you manage assets or is it outsourced?
Do you do financial planning?
What type of tax planning do you do?
Are you over age 50 and need retirement help?

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