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<br>On todays episode, Darren and Christina go through some of the comments theyve seen online about what some people think infinite {30} is and how it works. Weve got some debunking to do, you dont want to miss this episode!

Show notes:


1:35 – “Infinite {30} is a scam” (no its not)

4:05 – “You lose the cash value when you die” (you dont)

7:25 – “Why would I pay interest to borrow my own {72}” (its not your {72})

10:00 – “The whole {101} policy is just a high commission product for the agent” (its not)

13:30 – “I can get a much higher rate of return investing somewhere else

16:10 – “Dividends are just a return of an overpayment

18:40 – “Infinite {30} cant be done in Canada” (it can)

20:25 – “Whole {101} is too expensive

26:10 – “When I put my {72} inside the insurance, I cant pick my own investments

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