Is this the worst financial advice I’ve ever heard? Well, maybe not. But at least it’s stuff that on some level I disagree with, or that hasn’t fit into my journey and how I reached the success I now enjoy today.

I’m going to be covering four main pieces of financial advice I really disagree with, from the point of view of what’s either not worked for me, or what I just think is inaccurate. For example, while I massively respect them for their success, I cover how YouTubers such as @GrahamStephan and @AndreiJikh almost glamourise spending very little amounts of money on low-quality food, which I believe can be a very detrimental narrative to long-term health. I wanna take a moment here however to say that Graham/Andrei, I very much respect the vast majority of your financial advice, experience, and what you’ve achieved! Total kudos to you both.

Please let me know below if there are any of these things you massively disagree with as well, or if you think I’ve got any of it wrong. Always interested to hear your thoughts.

I really hope you enjoy.

P.S. – I have no problem with drinking 20-cent coffee. Especially if it’s organic! 😉

0:00 – Introduction
1:10 – What’s worked for me
2:12 – You need to be frugal with food
5:53 – Overworking is necessary for success
8:27 – A house is always an asset
11:26 – The only way to invest in property is with debt
14:38 – Some final thoughts
15:08 – Outro

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