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<br>Apartment Syndication Made Easy ShowCombine Infinite {30} with {6} Investing for More Cash flowwith Special Guest: Jim Oliver & Harper Jones

Hey, audience and listeners today we are having a very special guest on our weekly show to explain how to become our own banker. The most outstanding positive of the infinite {30} concept or process is the sheer improvement in liquidity or cash flow. So lets hear it from our expert Jim Oliver and Harper Jones.

Jim Oliver is the worlds foremost authority on the Infinite {30} Concept (IBC) and has dedicated his career to breaking the financial shackles that bind people and businesses to unnecessary taxes and interest expenses and Harper started his career out doing door to door sales while learning important sales and social skills. Harper did that for a handful of years until he discovered {6} where he invests and focuses on wholesaling, flipping, and multifamily properties. Harper is an advocate and practitioner of The Infinite {30} Concept and joined CreateTailwind as a strategist to teach people how to become their own banker

In this podcast, well unlock the secrets to breaking out of the herd, thinking BIG, and building {57} on our own terms. Tune in now.

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About Vinney (Smile) Chopra:

Vinney is a {6} investor, syndicator, International bestselling author, host of 4 podcasts, multifamily educator, mentor, dedicated husband of over 40 years and father of 2 childrenNeil and Monica, residing in Danville, California (near San Francisco) for 40+ years. Vinney came to this country with only $7 in his pocket and a dream. Vinney has now built a portfolio of over 4700 units amounting to over $600 million in the multifamily, senior assisted living and hospitality arenas. He is passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom and giving back to our seniors who have given us so much.

Learn more about Vinney: <a href=”https://vinneychopra.com/” target=”_blank“>https://vinneychopra.com/a>
Learn more about investing with Vinney: <a href=”https://vinneychopra.com/investor/” target=”_blank“>https://vinneychopra.com/investor/a>
Apply for Mentorship: <a href=”https://vinneychopra.com/mentorship/” target=”_blank“>https://vinneychopra.com/mentorship/a>

Vinneys Youtube: <a href=”https://www.youtube.com/c/VinneyChopra/videostarget=”_blank“>https://www.youtube.com/c/VinneyChopra/videosa>
Vinneys Linkedin: <a href=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/vinneysmilechopra/” target=”_blank“>https://www.linkedin.com/in/vinneysmilechopra/a>
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