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“A trust has a, grantor, it has a trustee and it has a beneficiary.
Now the trust did not exist until the grantor came up with the idea.
He creates the trust. Well, he puts property into the trust.

That becomes the property of the trustee. It’s his.

Now the trustee has got to put that property to work to carry out the provisions of the trust.

He can put it to work in any number of places, but one of the places he could put the property to work is with the grantor, so out goes the property to work, in comes income.

Pray tell who does it go to? The trustee.

James, have you ever heard anybody say look how much that trustee is making? Not on your life.

What do they all say? They say look how good that trustee is doing for the benefit of those other two parties.

Now, James if that weren’t true no one would create a trust.

Now, once you see it through these eyes isn’t it very obvious that when you buy a life insurance policy with a dividend-paying mutual company you’re creating a business that never existed before.

You put premiums into the contract — the trustee — the insurance company has got to put it to work in various and sundry places.

Well, you outrank everybody in excess to what can be lent as collateral of your policy. Well if that’s true, which it is… That’s 100% of control. Alright — now you’re just another customer at your particular system. That’s what you are.

As a result of it the premiums and so forth in life insurance are always at work somewhere. There is no interruption in the build-up condition. Looking at it through these eyes isn’t it obvious that a life insurance policy is nothing more than a pre-engineered trust agreement… I rest my case.”

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