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{57} Without Bay Street EPISODE 109: Joining us in todays episode is an agricultural expert and parttime farmer, John McArthur, in our Client Series. John learnt about the Infinite {30} Concept and curious to know more about it, got in touch with his coach Vernon McCarty, who has also joined us for this episode. Johns journey about learning to be his own banker has been an amazing one and he shares how it has helped his family and his farm today.

0:00 Introduction
1:16 Johns Introduction to IBC
5:35 Gaining Control With IBC
10:01 Process of Learning
12:57 Generational Possibilities
18:19 Investing in the Family and Farm
22:33 A Good Coach Takes You a Long Way
31:44 Having Your Own Bank
37:25 Who Would Want To John Be A Hero To

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