In today’s video I want to cover 2 TIPS for new insurance agents/new financial advisors. 😁

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Number one, is the understanding who your client should be. You see if you’re not happy with who you’re working with, you have a problem. A lot of people tell you that why did you join this business? Some of them will tell you it’s freedom of time but the most important thing is you have the choice to choose your clients. 💯

So if you had the choice to choose your clients, who would you work with? If you don’t have that very clear you have a problem. Because if you’re not happy with meeting the people that you’re meeting, you will always look forward to the weekend and every time you’re looking forward to the weekend it just tells you that you’re not happy with the business. That will be all the excuses you will need to leave this industry. 😞

If you are a new insurance agent or new financial advisor always work with people you like and choose your clients. If you’re not happy with those clients leave the money, trust me, short term payouts are more painful than long term regrets and that’s what you need to understand. That’s little gratification instantly might not justify the long term commitments that you are making to your client.

You are giving your clients three commitments, till death do us part, through sickness and health, and through rich and poor I will be with you. Who would you choose as a life partner is the same way you should be choosing your clients. And if you get that clear from day one, you have built it on the right foundation. It will allow you to stay in this business along the time and grow with this business. ✅💪🏼

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