10/90: The Ugly Truth About Skinny Base Infinite banking Policies – with James Neathery

Is a 90% paid up additions rider the proper ratio for life insurance policy design?

STOP. Listen to this first.

Want maximum immediate liquidity with an Infinite banking Concept (IBC) policy? Planning to fund your policy and then take max loans to fund real estate? Are these double-dipping returns too good to be true?

The allure of making an IBC policy better than the creator of IBC has many shopping for “Skinny Base” whole life policies with maximum early cash value.

But there are problems on the horizon.

And we’re scared of what 10/90 whole-life policies could mean for many who wanted guarantees and got something else instead.

Today, we’re talking with James Neathery, fellow IBC thought leader, Nelson Nash Institute certified IBC practitioner, and executive producer of the best-selling documentary on the Infinite banking Concept, banking with life. In this rare panel discussion, we’re collaborating to give you truth about policy design and what you need to understand that most financial advisors will never tell you.

So, if you want to make sure your IBC policy is built on solid rock and not shifting sand … tune in now!

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